Advantage Metals Recycling’s (AMR) Sedalia, Missouri recycling facility has invited students and teacher from nearly a dozen area elementary schools to tour the scrap metal recycling facility.  This offer was initiated after AMR received positive feedback from Heber Hunt Elementary students raved about their tour last fall.

In September, 2013, Heber Hunt Elementary fourth graders and teachers visited Advantage Metals Recycling’s (AMR) Sedalia, Missouri recycling facility. The students toured the facility, witnessed a “Jaws of Life” demonstration, watched a vehicle sheared in half and learned how aluminum can bales are made.


The students were each given a ruler, pencil and keychain, and they learned that recycling scrap metals helps to reduce the volume of materials landfilled.  They also learned that ferrous scrap metal sticks to a magnet (like iron, steel, or an automobile), while nonferrous scrap (like aluminum cans, copper, brass and wire) does not.
During the nonferrous warehouse tour, the students saw a variety of household items AMR recycles including Christmas lights, an aluminum pot, tools, an extension cord, a door handle, decorative brass pieces and a sink faucet.
While touring the ferrous recycling area, the students learned how AMR carefully extracts and recycles fluids from vehicles before they are crushed and shredded.

The students had a chance to see Advantage Metal’s clean, fast and friendly recycling Sedalia facility and saw AMR’s scales with a scoreboard-size weight readout for clear viewing.


The combined weight of the 200 students and teachers was nearly 10,000 pounds!

The students enjoyed the tour and already have plans to return next year. Advantage Metals Recycling’s culture and philosophy revolves around being good neighbors in and giving back to the communities in which we do business.  The Heber Hunt Elementary tour is another example of AMR’s commitment to do the right thing and give back.  According to Advantage Metals Plant Manager Scott Tuttle, “We would like to thank everyone who took time to visit us.  Advantage Metals Recycling is very proud to be part of this community. One of our goals is to reach out to a broad cross section of citizens to educate them about our business.”

Advantage Metals Recycling teaches that conservation can simultaneously have positive impacts on our environment, economy and quality of life.  For instance, recycled aluminum requires about 95 percent less electricity than aluminum made from raw ore.  Not only does recycled aluminum produce less expensive aluminum products, it helps keep utility rates lower and reduces the energy industry’s impact to the environment.
To schedule a tour or for more information, contact:
Scott Tuttle
Advantage Metals Recycling
300 North Iron Avenue
Sedalia, MO  65301
Office:  (660) 827-1873
Cell:  (816) 225-4753